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Improve your sustainability performance

With SMART we determine your sustainability in a scientifically precise way, and help you to find efficient solutions. Set the basis with us for a professional sustainability management and ensure your company is fit for the future.

SMART makes supply chains transparent

Minimize your risks by identifying company hotspots and making your supply chain transparent. Our scientifically based methods are tried and tested, guaranteeing precise results.

Credible sustainability reports instead of greenwashing

Would you like to receive a sound and authentic sustainability report? SMART offers the ideal method to create clarity for customers and buyers and to become a leader in the field of sustainability.

Sustainability in agricultural production

We measure the sustainability performance of agricultural producers. These results can be utilised in the development of standards and certificates and to support your suppliers with appropriately targeted training and development measures to improve their sustainability.

SMART – paradigm shift in sustainability assessment

“Sustainability”, as a term, currently lacks a concrete and uniform meaning. Companies and associations find it difficult to assess their sustainability performance or to compare their sustainability with others. As a result, confusion is rife among consumers and other buyers, who find themselves unable to judge how sustainable a given agricultural commodity or food product really is.

SMART (Sustainability Monitoring and Assessment RouTine) solves this dilemma: the assessment tool, developed by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), makes it possible for food companies and agricultural producers to evaluate and profit from their sustainability performance.

Are you interested in sustainability analysis and assessment with SMART or would you like to know more about SMART and how it functions? Please read more on the following pages or contact us directly. We will be glad to answer your questions personally.

What partners and clients are saying about SMART:

The SMART analysis and, above all, the possibility of comparing conventional and organic cocoa production systems have given us a deep insight into the sustainability of our cocoa producers in Ecuador and confirmed the importance of organic farming for small farmers in the tropics. On the basis of the results, we now know where they are already doing very well and where there is still room for improvement. This enables us to focus and effectively manage our sustainability commitment.

Petra HeidSustainability Responsible Chocolats Halba

SMART has proven to be an excellent tool for assessing the status quo. It has clearly shown us in which areas we can make the most efficient use of our sustainability commitment.


Martin AmmannMember of the Board, Tobi Seeobst AG

The SMART analysis has confirmed that the efforts of Wassergut Canitz GmbH with regard to groundwater protection in connection with stable ecological, economic and socially responsible land management are successful and long-term oriented.

Dr. Bernhard WagnerCEO Wassergut Canitz GmbH

Only when we know where we stand can we develop further in a strategic way. We deliberately chose SMART because the tool makes it possible to compare the sustainability performance of farms. SMART provides us with ideal support so that we can carry our performance as far as possible to the consumer.

Urs BrändliPresident, Bio Suisse

We Biosüdtirol farmers are real stubborn heads and have stubbornly set ourselves the goal of being more sustainable. We are more motivated by an ideal than by minimum standards. The SFS team has been very empathetic in assessing our sustainability and thanks to the SMART analysis we have a clear picture and can compare ourselves. Now we know where we stand, where we can improve and, above all, how we can improve. Because we agree with the SFS team: “Sustainability per se is not a condition, but an ongoing process”.

Bernhard LöschObmann Biosüdtirol

Sustainability is a core business value of Bio Partner. SMART offers an encompassing and sound base for our future sustainability engagement.

Andreas JiménezCEO and Member of the Board, Bio Partner Schweiz AG

Once you start digging into the results […] you will become eager to chase after ways of how to improve! […] For all companies, that are both committed to sustainability and willing to dedicate some money – this is a Swiss tool which I recommend unreservedly!

Dr.h.c. Volker RibnigerBusiness owner, Platanera Rio Sixaola S.A., Costa Rica

Achieving the vision of sustainable agriculture and food production requires clear standards for the entire supply chain. Otherwise the term sustainability degenerates into a mere marketing trend. SMART sets these standards and creates the necessary basis for a credible and comparable sustainability assessment.

Jan PlaggePresident, Bioland e.V.

SMART enables us to efficiently and holistically assess and compare the sustainability of farms on a global scale.

Dr. Stéphanie ZimmerDirector IBLA Luxembourg

The application of SMART showed us precisely how and in which areas we can improve our sustainability performances in the future. This allowed us to set the basis for the development of a professional sustainability management at Allos.

Wolfgang SteckingCEO, Allos GmbH

Farm managers – and in larger farms and companies also the employees – have a significant impact on ecological, social and economic effects. This means, sustainability origins from optimal business practices. SMART is an excellent tool to support this undertaking.

Prof. Dr. Urs NiggliDirector, FiBL Switzerland

SMART gives us the ability to externally communicate our sustainability performance and shows us topics where we can steadily and gradually develop a sustainable future. The analysis is very detailed and has exceeded our expectations.

Beat LedermannCEO, Pico Bio AG

SMART allowed us a detailed insight into our sustainability performance in a very efficient way and gave us valuable information on how to optimise our company.

Hanspeter OppligerCEO, Deliciel AG


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