Sustainability assessment and communication of the sustainability performance of the banana finca Platanera Rio Sixaola


  • Sustainability assessment of the banana finca Platanera Rio Sixaola, S.A. with the SMART-Farm Tool
  • Employee survey

Time frame

2015 – 2016


Banana production


Costa Rica

Number of analysed farms

1, incl. forest management, pallet production and packing station

Customer statement

«Once you start digging into the results […] you will become eager to chase after ways of how to improve! […] For all companies, that are both committed to sustainability and willing to dedicate some money – this is a Swiss tool which I recommend unreservedly!»
Dr.h.c. Volker Ribniger, Business owner, Platanera Rio Sixaola S.A., Costa Rica

The project team

Lukas Baumgart

Lukas Baumgart

SMART assessor, expert in sustainability analyses
Moritz Teriete

Moritz Teriete

Project leader, expert in strategy, sustainability management and sustainability communication

Paul van den Berge

Paul van den Berge

SMART assessor, specialized in tropical agriculture