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Sustainability assessment at agricultural, supplier, customer and company level at Bio Partner AG


  • Sustainability assessment of Bio Partner Schweiz AG and the indirect spheres of influence (agricultural producers, suppliers and customers) with the SMART-Company Tool
  • Stakeholder analysis and survey
  • Employee survey

Time frame

2015 – 2016


Corporate Sustainability



Number of analysed companies

1 food retailer (incl. producers, suppliers, customers)

Customer statement

«Sustainability is a core business value of Bio Partner. SMART offers an encompassing and sound base for our future sustainability engagement.»
Andreas Jiménez, CEO and Member of the Board, Bio Partner Schweiz AG

The project team

Moritz Teriete

Moritz Teriete

Project leader, expert in strategy, sustainability management and sustainability communication
Leonhardt Jancso

Leonhardt Jancso

Project manager, expert in sustainability in companies and agricultural value chains
Sigrid Alexander

Sigrid Alexander

SMART assessor, specialized in audits and inspections in the food sector