Sustainability assessment in dairy production


  • SMART-Farm analysis of 15 ÖMA milk producers
  • Online survey of more than 400 ÖMA farms based on the SMART-Farm analysis
  • Joint workshop with producers to discuss the results and prioritize options for action


  • Assessment of sustainability performance of supplier farms as a basis for implementing improvement measures
  • Identification of strengths and challenges for communication to farmers and customers


Ökologische Molkereien Allgäu (ÖMA)



Focus & Region

Organic dairy production, Germany

Number of farms analyzed at producer level

15 with SMART-Farm, online survey of over 400 farms

Project Team

Felix Harrer

Felix Harrer

Project Lead
Dr. Rainer Weisshaidinger

Dr. Rainer Weisshaidinger

SMART assessor, sustainability analyses

Richard Bircher

Richard Bircher

SMART assessor, Master farmer