Sustainability assessment of Bio-Südtirol apple producers for hotspot analysis and as a basis for an optimisation strategy


  • Sustainability assessment of eight apple producers with the SMART-Farm Tool
  • Development of a catalogue with recommendations for improvement measures
  • Workshop with evaluated plant managers
  • Information and communication to all members of Biosüdtirol

Time frame



Apple production


South Tyrol, Italy

Number of analysed farms


Customer statement

«We Biosüdtirol farmers are real stubborn heads and have stubbornly set ourselves the goal of being more sustainable. We are more motivated by an ideal than by minimum standards. The SFS team has been very empathetic in assessing our sustainability and thanks to the SMART analysis we have a clear picture and can compare ourselves. Now we know where we stand, where we can improve and, above all, how we can improve. Because we agree with the SFS team: Sustainability per se is not a condition, but an ongoing process.»
Bernhard Lösch, Obmann BioSüdtirol

The project team

Leonhardt Jancso

Leonhardt Jancso

Project leader, sustainability in companies and agricultural value chains
Richard Petrasek

Richard Petrasek

SMART assessor, sustainability analysis expert
Moritz Teriete

Moritz Teriete

Strategy, sustainability management and sustainability communication