Sustainability in Swiss pome fruit production – Tobi Seeobst AG


  • Sustainability assessment of twelve pome fruit producers with the SMART-Farm Tool
  • Sustainability assessment of Tobi Seeobst AG with the SMART-Company Tool
  • Conducting a supplier and customer survey on the subject of sustainability at Tobi Seeobst AG
  • Development of catalogues of measures to optimise sustainability performance
  • Results workshop with the farm managers of the evaluated farms and Tobi Seeobst AG

Time frame

2017 – 2018


Pome fruit production



Number of analysed farms


Customer statement

«SMART has proven to be an excellent tool for assessing the status quo. It has clearly shown us in which areas we can make the most efficient use of our sustainability commitment.»
Martin Ammann, Member of the Board, Tobi Seeobst AG

The project team

Leonhardt Jancso

Leonhardt Jancso

Project leader, sustainability in companies and agricultural value chains
Patrick Stefani

Patrick Stefani

SMART assessor and pomiculture expert
Andi Häseli

Andi Häseli

Pomiculture expert
Olivia Keller

Olivia Keller

Project manager, corporate sustainability